Why Berlin

Berlin makes everyone feel at home, thanks to its international character and multiculturalism: its residents are coming from 190 different countries 

Moreover, with its wide cultural offer of museums, clubs, concerts and art galleries, everyone can find what better suit their taste. You can dance the Brazilian samba in the former airport park “Tempelhof” and then move your mind to Italy, eating an authentic Italian pizza, go to a theater for some StandUp comedy in English or to an art exhibition and ending your night chatting with friends outside a Späti.

Even if it is one of the biggest cities of Europe, with great public transportation, almost half of Berlin is green, with about 2500 public parks. And every district has its own character, thanks to the street art that brighten up the streets and the culinary offer, from authentic German meals to any sort of international and exotic restaurants. You just have to decide what you want!

The tormented past of Berlin is still there to be seen and remembered through museums or just strolling around the city, and it stays there while the city grows and transform itself constantly. 

Every time you come back to Berlin, you have a new, different city waiting for you!

Berlin is a city of freedom, where everyone can be who wants to be: That is the truly soul of this amazing city.